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Saarte Investeering is a reliable real estate developer that has been operating for over 20 years. We are committed to creating high-quality and sustainable solutions that make people’s lives better. Our goal is to create a better future for everyone. We do this by building and developing residential and commercial buildings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are also aware of the environmental impact of our activities and take measures to reduce them.

We are proud of our work and believe that our solutions help create a more livable and sustainable world.


Saarte Investment exists to create lasting values that positively affect people’s lifestyles and maintain a sense of unity in the community. We believe that real estate development is an important part of society. It creates homes and jobs, boosts the economy and helps create a more livable environment. We use our knowledge and experience to create buildings and environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are also aware of the environmental impact of our activities and take measures to reduce them.


Saarte Investeering is a real estate developer that supports people, the environment and society. Our core values are sustainability, social responsibility and local community. We offer safe, comfortable and sustainable living environments using renewable energy and environmentally friendly materials. We also support charitable organizations and initiatives that promote sustainable development and Estonian cultural heritage. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life. That’s why we invest our time and resources – to make the world a better place.

The WOW Centre is an exciting attraction in Kuressaare, Estonia. It is a large indoor play area with a variety of activities for children and families, including:

  • A play area with ball pits, slides, and other interactive features
  • A water area with different interesting exhibits and a pool
  • A simulators area with VR games and other features.
  • An energy area with different exhibits like an energy bike


Hirvepargi is a new residential district in the green environment of Sauga Parish. It is located near the town border of Pärnu and is separated from the motorway by a green area and a buffer zone of a few hundred metres. The district is home to a variety of housing options, including apartments, townhouses, and detached houses.

The Ajamaja Business Centre is one of the most modern and well-equipped business centers in Kuressaare, Estonia. It is located in the heart of the city, next to the main street, and is home to several well-known companies, including Swedbank, Saarte Investeering, and Timehouse Gallery.

The business center offers a wide range of facilities, including:

  • 10 modern conference rooms
  • 2 exhibition halls with a total area of 300 square meters
  • A cozy cafe with a terrace
  • A parking garage
  • A car wash

Our Mission

Investing is an action targeted at the enhancement of the future. A productive investment presupposes wisdom, common sense and courage to make decisions. Saarte Investeering is pursuing to be a trustworthy investor that invests in living environment, home settlement, and, above all – people. Creating a pleasant environment for active people is our motto. We acknowledge the long-term influence of our decisions and actions and therefore perceive great responsibility for the success of our projects. We operate according to the principle that we could dare to look at our today’s projects in five, ten or fifty years time.

We conduct our operations with the principle of fair partnership and mutual respect. Saarte Investeering is an open-minded company, striving for the trust of our partners and clients

Tullio Liblik

Founder & CEO

Ferit Raat

Business Development Director

” Cultivating success through strategic investments in real estate and information technology is the cornerstone of Saarte Investeering. We are committed to empowering growth, fostering innovation, and maximizing value for our stakeholders. Our dedication to excellence is unwavering, and we strive to create lasting opportunities for prosperity and progress in every endeavor we undertake.”



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